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Please Read: There are three ways that you can use this site to register for Recreation Programs. Be sure to read through each before beginning the process.  Some programs might not be available for online registration.

  1. Online Registration & Online Payment with a Credit Card.  Select the programs that you want and place them into your shopping cart, proceed to check out, at the payment option choose- "Check Out Online" and pay with a credit card.  You will be enrolled and paid for those programs that you selected.  ConvenienceFee: There is a $3 minimum or 3.5% convenience fee, on your total balance at the end of your transaction.  The program fee will be billed by the Hinesburg Recreation and the convenience fee will be billed by RegFeePayments. The town does not collect or keep the convenience fees.
  2. Online Registration & Offline Payment - Print Form and Pay with Check/Cash.  Select the programs that you want and place them into your shopping cart, proceed to check out, at the payment option choose- "Check Out Offline" and print off the Registration Form.  This form needs to be mailed or brought in with payment, either check or cash (credit cards are not accepted at the office).  Note:You are NOT enrolled in the programs that you have selected until we have received the form and payment.  The form is stored in our system and will enroll you when payment is made.  Offline payment option closes a week prior to the start date of a program, to allow time for payments to be received.
  3. Special Registration Form- There may be programs listed on the site, but not available for online registration.  If so, in the register section of the listing, it will state what needs to be done for registration or state No Registration Needed.  

     1. Create an Account - If you do not have a household account with us create one now! www.hinesburgrec.com

     2. Browse Programs - If you would like to browse program offerings  

     3. Register Now!- login in and begin to register for programs.

Drop Box- A drop box is available for after hour payments of programs.  The box is located on the wall next to the Hinesburg Recreation Office on the second floor of the Hinesburg Town Hall Building.  Building is open from 8 am until 10 pm M-F.  Please leave printed form and check payable to HRD in metal drop box. 

Procedures & Guidelines for Program Registrations- Click Here

Cancellations and Refunds for Programs & Camps- Click Here