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News: Hinesburg Area Recreational Trails (HART)

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8/10/2015 12:00:00 AM  Hinesburg Recreation Department 

All trails are open to the public. Information regarding specific appropriate use (walking, skiing, shoeshoeing, biking and horseback riding) can be found on the Information and Driving Directions document for each area.

Most of the trails described below are maintained by the Hinesburg Trails Committee, a group of volunteers appointed by the Hinesburg Select Board. The Trails Committee meets monthly and welcomes input from the community, as well as help with trail maintenance work.

Remember, it is a privilege, rather than a right, when a landowner graciously allows access to their land. Please be considerate when using all trails.         

Hinesburg Trail Maps

Adventures Close To Home: A Trail Summary:              
This printable trail and map summary gives an overview of the HART System.              

Russell Family Trails: Two miles of trails on a 63-acre working farm.               Geprags Park Trails: Over two miles of foot trails on conserved public land.               LaPlatte Headwaters Town Forest Area Trails: Several miles of foot trails on conserved land.               Fred Johnson Wildlife Management Area Trails: Over a thousand acres of forested state land with unmapped and unmarked trails.               Hinesburg Town Forest Trails: Several miles of multi-use trails on 837 acres of mixed woodlands. NOTE: Please use a compass and trail map when hiking in the Town Forest. If you notice missing or damaged signs or blazes or other trail conditions of concern, please contact a member of the Hinesburg Trails Committee. Note that the Economou Road trailhead is not plowed in winter.               

Hinesburg Village Walking Maps
Using Village sidewalks there are several walking tours.